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Why Laser Dentistry?Plano, TX

Laser Dentistry at Rudy Aldaragi, DDS Dental Care, provides the latest cutting-edge ability to use lasers for treating several dental conditions more quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. These allow Dr. Rudy Aldaragi to provide our patients with gentle, quality, dental care for a more positive and quick healing experience.

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    Benefits of Laser Dentistry

    Laser Dentistry allows Dr. Aldaragi to may recommend laser dentistry you for the following:

    • Speed Up whitening treatments
    • Gently treating gum disease to remove bacteria and infected tissue
    • Fixing uneven gumline or a gummy smile
    • Hardening a dental filling
    • Treating your canker or cold sores
    • Easily removing the decayed portion of a tooth

    At Rudy Aldaragi, DDS Dental Care, cuts down your treatment time while reducing your treatment healing.

    Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

    • Minimizes tooth sensitivity
    • Lowers the risk of infection
    • Offers minimal risk of infection
    • Shortens the healing time and promotes less swelling
    • Reduces the chance of bleeding during and after the treatment
    • More precise

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