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Your Child&#    ;s First Visit To The Dentist: How To Prepare

Your Child's First Visit To The Dentist: How To Prepare

The dentist’s office is not the most exciting place you will get to take your child, but it is one of the important ones. The recommended age to visit the dentist is within six months of their first tooth. Here are tips for parents taking their child to the dentist for the first time.Most children…

Denture Repair For Implant Supported Dentures

Denture Repair For Implant-Supported Dentures

One of the most used dentures in recent years are implant-supported dentures. Although these dentures are more permanent than regular dentures, there is still care and maintenance that has to be completed to ensure they last for many years to come.In this article, we are going to explain exactly what implant-supported dentures are, some of…