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    3D Digital Impressions On-Site for: Restorations, Clear Aligners, Dentures & Oral Appliances

    The 3D Printing at Rudy Aldaragi, DDS Dental Care, provides the dentist and team to ensure you receive the highest quality technology and restoration possible in a smooth, natural finish.

    Benefits of 3D On-Site Printing

    When utilizing 3D printing technology allows your dentist to more quickly delivery your:

    • Clear Aligners
    • Bases for your dentures
    • Well fitting Night Guards
    • Great Fitting Dental Crowns
    • Precision in the fitting of your Dental Bridges
    • Enjoy easier maintenance compared to dentures

    At Rudy Aldaragi, DDS Dental Care, cuts down your treatment time while reducing your treatment costs. Everything is on-site and built in-house so you receive your new restoration or oral appliance a lot faster. The precision allows for creating more accurate models of your clear aligner, dental crown, bridge, or Night Guard.

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