How Denture Adjustment Is Done

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Denture adjustment is a necessary procedure that must be performed if your dentures no longer fit your mouth. Whether you have partial or complete dentures, these prompt your gums and soft tissues to adjust. Once the dentures have settled, they will also be likely to change over time. You may experience difficulty chewing or feel that your dentures are falling out of your mouth while you speak. You should set an appointment with your dentist and have your dentures adjusted.

Denture adjustment process

Discomfort is normal for people who wear dentures if the mouth has changed. However, a patient may need denture adjustment to ease the pain and improve the denture’s fit. It also allows the denture to last longer. Aside from chewing difficulties, the following are indicators that dentures need adjustments.

There are chips and cracks

Chipped or cracked teeth can happen if the wearer bites on hard items such as ice or falls and receives a blow into the face. As a result, denture wearers can feel pain, making them uncomfortable. To ease the pain, over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken. While the cracks do not affect the denture, they create uneven surfaces that irritate oral soft tissues.

Changes on the face

The teeth largely contribute to keeping the cheeks full and even. Dentures with a good fit can improve one’s appearance. But, ill-fitting dentures will result in a saggy and lopsided appearance. If the wearer notices changes in the cheekbones and jawline appearance, the dentures likely need to be adjusted.

Pressure sores are present

If the dentures are not correctly inserted, pressure sores will form on the gums, where the dentures impose extra pressure on specific areas. Aside from ill-fitting dentures, those not cleaned and maintained can build up bacteria causing the yeast to form. As a result, the yeast causes painful sores to emerge. So, patients should not hesitate to visit a dentist immediately if the mentioned concerns are present.

Speech changes occur

It can be awkward and uncomfortable to speak in front of others when the dentures are newly inserted. Speech changes and excessive salivation can occur. These speech problems should go once the wearer has adjusted to the dentures. However, if these problems occur again, wearers may need a denture adjustment. Ill-fitting dentures can move while talking, making it hard to utter certain words.

If the signs mentioned above are present, it is a good idea to contact a dentist as soon as possible. On the other hand, one must also note how the adjustment is done to know what to expect during the process. First, the denture is adjusted by using a pressure indicating paste and waiting until the denture is dried thoroughly. Then, a disclosing paste is applied without including the peripheral edge. Next, the tissues and the paste-covered denture are dampened to avoid the risk of sticking the paste into the mucosa tissue.

The denture must also be rotated appropriately to prevent smearing the paste into the wearer’s lips. After that, the dentist should put heavy pressure on the first molars to ensure that the denture is inserted correctly. The denture is then removed by breaking the seal in the buccal vestibule. In this step, the paste is reapplied to the areas of the denture with no streaks. Next, the dentist must apply the paste up and over the edge, lapping it onto the buccal surface by five to 10 millimeters. The patient is then instructed to make functional movements for the dentist to stabilize the denture.

Prioritize your oral health

Dentures are designed to fit in your mouth. Aside from that, dentures also restore the function of your natural teeth, which helps in preventing gum diseases. However, dentures are not permanent and wear out over time. So, if they are loose and do not fit the curves of your mouth, it is time to set an appointment with your dentist to maintain proper oral health.

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