When to Consider Partial Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth

Partial Dentures Plano, TX

For those missing teeth, partial dentures may be a suitable dental restoration option. As an oral health solution, these dentures can help fill unsightly spaces between teeth with natural-looking replacement teeth. Whether lost as the result of trauma or removed for decay or damage, missing teeth can affect speech patterns, eating abilities, and one’s self-confidence. Replacing lost teeth with a dental appliance can solve these concerns and prevent new challenges from developing.

Options with dentures

There are several types of dentures that can address the gaps or spaces left by missing teeth. In some cases, total or significant tooth loss affects which treatment option is appropriate.

Significant tooth loss

A complete pair of dentures is used to replace all of the teeth in the mouth. This appliance rests on top of the gums and is temporarily secured through bonding agents. Custom dentures provide a natural-looking smile that complements the patient’s look. Implant-supported dentures require the placement dental implants to hold the denture appliance in place, but they are very secure and last for a long time.

Partial tooth loss

Snap-in dentures rely on locator attachments to secure the appliance in the mouth, but these removable dentures require at least one or more teeth for attachment. For those who are not missing many teeth, partial dentures are another option.

Benefits of partials

There are many reasons to choose to wear dentures, and there are just as many factors that go into choosing between full or partials. With partials, a primary benefit is the ability to meet unique oral health concerns. Partials contain replacement teeth set in a base colored to match the patient’s gums. Clasps on either side connect the appliance to the remaining natural teeth in the mouth. This means there is typically no need to remove additional teeth to fit the appliance. The clasp function also makes these dentures removable, and the coloring on both the teeth and base creates a natural look.

Bone preservation

Partials can keep teeth from shifting or moving up or down to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. These dentures act as both a spacer and stabilizer for remaining teeth. The appliance also supports the natural stress place on the teeth and jaws from biting motions, preventing bone loss. The jawbone remains intact and healthy through the repeated stimulus and pressure of chewing.

Easy maintenance

Upkeep on partials is important but minimal. The appliance is custom-fitted to be comfortable and adjustments can be made as necessary. Partials should be taken out of the mouth and brushed, much like with normal teeth. It is good to rinse off the appliance at least once a day and leave it out for the night. These dentures can be stored in a case to keep them sanitary when not in use.


Partial dentures can help individuals feel more confident in their smile and help with speaking and chewing. Consult a dental provider to find out if this is a recommended dental restoration for your missing teeth.

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