What Does a Family Dentist Do?

Family Dentist Plano, TX

Family dentistry practices are popular resources to utilize when looking to achieve and maintain good oral health. Patients of all ages can be seen and treated in a welcoming and friendly environment. A family dentist focuses on four main things. Continue reading to learn more about what they are. 

Four things that a family dentist does

Outlined below are four different things that a family dentist does on a day to day basis. This information may be helpful to review when trying to better understand the role that a family dentist plays in oral health.


The most common thing that a family dentist does is to perform examinations. Examining a patient's teeth is a key part of maintaining good oral health. The dentist can look for any red flags or warning signs that may indicate an oral problem, whether it be gum disease or a cavity. Each tooth will be carefully looked at to ensure that nothing is missed. 

Another part of the examination is to have x-rays done. In a family dentistry setting, x-rays are usually done once a year. They provide the dentist with a better look at the teeth, gums, and bone. X-rays allow for a different angle to be viewed, which may show deeper problems, such as with the roots. 


Another main thing that a family dentist does is perform cleanings. There are two common types of dental cleanings with the first being a light teeth cleaning. The second is a deep dental cleaning, which involves the gums, as well. Both types of cleanings are beneficial in maintaining good oral health. 

Light teeth cleanings are usually recommended twice a year or every six months. This is the most common type of cleaning. A deep dental cleaning not only addresses any plaque or tartar on the teeth but also beneath the gumlines. 

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a big part of visiting a family dentistry practice. The goal of any dentist is to keep any problems at bay, which is often done through preventive work. Procedures like dental sealant placement or more frequent cleanings can help to prevent future problems from developing. Other forms of preventive maintenance include prescription toothpaste or rinses that contain fluoride. Fluoride keeps the teeth strong, thus helping to prevent cavities from developing. 

Restorative care

The other part of family dentistry care is restorative work. When the teeth or gums are in bad shape, the family dentist may need to perform a procedure to restore certain areas. A few of the most common restorative procedures include fillings, dental crowns, or root canals. 

Visit a family dentistry practice

Want to learn more about what a family dentist does? Schedule a consultation today. Any questions or concerns about the information listed above can be addressed. Additionally, the family dentist can perform an evaluation to determine oral health status. Reach out today to find out more or to set up an appointment. 

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