Ten Ways to Maintain Optimal Gum Health

It is essential to understand precisely how to maintain gum health to avoid costly dental procedures and long-term dental health concerns from developing.

Unfortunately, however, all too many individuals either fail to follow through with their plan to keep their gums clean or just do not understand the importance of doing so.

How to Maintain Good Gum Health

By having a clear understanding of the importance of gum health and how to properly maintain gum health, you can quickly come up with a daily routine that incorporates proper dental hygiene.

The following are the ten best ways to maintain gum health.

Visit the dentist regularly

Most importantly, be sure not to cancel any dental checkups that have been scheduled, and consult with a dentist any time there is a pain in your mouth, primarily when the pain occurs on or around the gums.

Brush your teeth often

Most people understand the importance of brushing your teeth to protect the teeth, but it is also a crucial way to maintain gum health. Brush your teeth regularly, but also be sure to brush your gums as well.

Use fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride mouthwash can maintain gum health by fighting off any bacteria that may accumulate on the gums, which could lead to an infection if not properly rinsed and cleaned correctly.

Floss after each meal

A common gum health mistake made by many is only flossing when they feel food particles in between their teeth. In many instances, the food particles cannot be felt, which is why it is essential to floss after each meal in order to maintain gum health.

Eat calcium-rich foods

Calcium is very beneficial to our dental health in general. Therefore, eating dairy products, which are typically rich in calcium, is a great way to maintain gum health as well.

Eliminate sugary foods

There may not be anything worse for gum health than excess in sugar intake. Sugar often works to break down natural minerals and can harm our gums. When possible, try and choose sugar-free alternatives.

Chew sugar-free gum

One great substitute to make in order to maintain gum health is to switch out gum that contains sugar for a sugar-free gum option. With that said, chewing gum is a good thing and can prevent dry mouth, but be sure to choose the gum type wisely.

Quit using tobacco

Needless to say, tobacco is horrible for gum health. While quitting smoking or dipping tobacco can be easier said than done, the benefits to gum health make the challenge well worth it.

Scrape debris off gum lining

In many instances, floss is not able to scrape off the debris on the lining of our gums, so it is important to seek other ways of doing so. For instance, try taking a toothpick and gently scraping it across the entire gum line.

Check your gums often

Lastly, be sure to check your gums often. If your gums bleed, are discolored in any way or are highly sensitive while brushing, be sure to visit your local dentist to find out the exact cause.

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