Reasons to Visit a Dentist for a Toothache

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Some people waste weeks or even longer trying to make a toothache go away on their own. Toothaches can be managed with a variety of over-the-counter pain killers and tooth pain products, but the pain will continue to reoccur until the root cause is treated.

Many who postpone having a dentist treat their toothache are not fond of dental appointments. Their dental phobias often make it easier to convince themselves that they can manage their problem on their own. This typically only makes things worse and can lead to higher dental bills.

Benefits of visiting a dentist for toothache pain

Dealing with a toothache? Here are a few reasons that making a trip to the clinic is the best way to address the problem.

1. Improved infection management

Ignore a toothache long enough, and there is a decent chance that an infection will develop. Toothaches are usually a sign that a tooth has been damaged, and this makes it easier for bacteria to get into areas like the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. An infection there leads to excruciating pain, and there is always a chance of the infection spreading to other parts of the patient’s body, like the brain.

If the patient’s tooth is already infected by the time they get to the clinic, the dentist can perform appropriate treatments, like a root canal or an extraction. Root canals are the more conventional approach, but an extraction might be recommended if there is a serious risk of the infection spreading to other parts of the body.

2. For extraction

Toothaches are often caused by wisdom teeth, which are the hardest teeth to clean due to their location at the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that are not necessary for good dental or overall health. Given the fact that they are more prone to developing issues, the dentist will usually recommend extracting a wisdom tooth that is causing tooth pain.

Tooth pain might also be a sign that a wisdom tooth is impacted. An extraction is a common treatment for that scenario as well.

3. Early diagnosis of gum disease

At times, toothaches are caused by gum disease. This is an inflammatory disease that occurs when bacteria get into the gums, leading to inflammation and irritation. The chronic condition eats away at the structures that support teeth and can lead to teeth becoming loose or falling out.

Gum disease can be reversed during its early stages, making early detection extremely important. Going to a dental clinic for a toothache leads to the dentist performing examinations. That can lead to the detection of gum disease.

Get the treatments you need

Managing a toothache on your own is usually pointless because it will keep coming back. Call or visit our Plano clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist so you can get a long-lasting solution for your toothache.

Request an appointment here: or call James M. Adkins, DDS at (469) 393-0479 for an appointment in our Plano office.

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