Implant Supported Dentures Versus Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Plano, TX

If you need to replace your teeth, you might consider getting implant supported dentures. These are often better than traditional dentures for several reasons. However, before deciding on the right option, you will want to understand each one a bit better. When you get to choose the right type, you want to make a more informed decision. Keep reading to learn more.

About traditional dentures

It might not seem that expensive to get a denture, but the initial cost is only one of the expenses patients might face. In the long run, patients will end up paying more for traditional dentures. The reason is that dentures will need replacement since the bone might begin to lose some density. As the patient starts to age, the jawbone can begin to disappear. The implant-supported dentures will then no longer fit well.

It might take some practice or time to become accustomed to the restoration. Because of how traditional dentures connect to the mouth, it might be hard to learn how to eat or talk with them. The traditional denture does not allow for a lot of force when chewing or biting. That means the patient will need to have softer foods and cut up pieces.

Implant-supported dentures advantages

There are several benefits of choosing implant-supported dentures. These are permanent, and the patient will not have to worry about any slippage. That also means the dentures will not rub on the gums and create sore areas. The design is not as bulky, meaning the patients can have a more natural feel with the teeth. There is no need for adhesives, and the patient can benefit from great comfort.

Not falling out

Implants are stronger than the existing teeth, meaning the restorations can support more weight. That means the patient will not need as many implants as the teeth’s roots to support dentures. An investment in dentures can have a significant impact on someone’s life. The patient will not need to be embarrassed about the teeth slipping out of place. Plus, the dentures will feel more natural.

The patient will have better health of the bone with implants. The dentures do not rest on the gums and do not place any pressure on the jawbone. Instead, the implants keep the bone in place, preventing reabsorption. That prevents the patient’s appearance or facial structure from changing significantly.

The implants can strengthen the mouth’s bone. The body will make more bone around each implant to help it integrate better. That connects the restoration to the bone permanently. It also enhances the patient’s bone health. It keeps the jawbone’s appearance in place, helping the patient look more youthful.

Choosing the right implant-supported dentures

The treatment for you will be different than someone else’s because of your body type. During the consultation appointment, you will talk to the dentist about whether you are the right candidate. You can have an exam done to see if you have enough bone density. Then you can have a treatment plan with the dentist to get your new teeth.

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