Does Your Mouth Hurt? 8 Common Dental Issues

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Are you looking into common dental issues so you can figure out why your mouth hurts? Experiencing any type of discomfort or pain in the teeth and gums is not pleasant, making it a good idea for you to find out why your mouth is hurting as soon as possible. If the pain is making it difficult for you to get through the day, then making a dental appointment as soon as possible is recommended.

Types of mouth pain

There are different types of mouth pain someone can experience, including sudden, sharp pain and persistent, dull pain. The pain can be felt in the teeth, gums, jaw area, neck and even the entire face.

Eight dental issues that cause dental pain

The following is a list of dental issues that are common reasons for someone experiencing pain in their mouth.

Dental issue #1 — damaged teeth. When a tooth is cracked or broken, it can expose its inner layers, which will cause various levels of pain in the mouth.

Dental issue #2 — sensitive teeth. When a tooth’s enamel is jeopardized, it is no longer able to fully protect the tooth, which can cause various levels of pain in the mouth.

Dental issue #3 — bruxism. This is also called teeth grinding and clenching, which is known for causing teeth soreness.

Dental issue #4 — wisdom teeth. When these teeth grow in, they can cause various levels of pain or soreness.

Dental issue #5 — cavities. When tooth decay is present, it is only a matter of time before cavities begin to develop.

Dental issue #6 — abscessed tooth. A tooth abscess is caused by a bacterial infection and needs immediate treatment.

Dental issue #7 —– gum disease, a.k.a. receding gums. When gums start pulling away from the teeth, it will cause various levels of sensitivity and pain in the mouth.

Dental issue #8 — TMJ disorders. TMJ is a jaw disorder that affects the jaw joints and surrounding muscles, which tends to cause more discomfort than pain.

Can we help you?

If you have any questions about finding the pain relief you need because your mouth hurts, please be sure to call us at your earliest convenience. There is no reason for you to be in pain with all the modern dental services available nowadays. In fact, you would probably be surprised at how quickly a dentist can fix your mouth so you are no longer in pain. If you are still not sure the reason for your mouth pain, making an appointment for an evaluation is highly recommended. We hope to hear from you soon!

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