Do Dental Fillings Fall Out?

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A dental filling is commonly used to treat cavities. A filling can help to replace tooth structure lost due to decay. With proper care, dental fillings do not often cause any problems. But there are some issues that may crop up. Sometimes, a dental filling can fall out. Read on to find out why a dental filling can fall out and what to do after.

Dental filling

Treating cavities is a routine part of dental care. Dental fillings are beneficial, but they do not last forever. If a dental filling falls out, the first thing a person should do is call the dentist. At the dental office, the dental provider will determine the necessary treatment.

Problems with dental fillings

There are multiple reasons why a filling can come loose. It can be loosened when the teeth go through a great deal of pressure when a person chews. It is not uncommon for a filling to fall out due to newly developed decay around it. Other reasons are due to chewing too hard, biting into crunchy or hard foods, grinding the teeth, or trauma to the tooth or root. In some cases, a chemical reaction can loosen the bond of the filling to the tooth.


Regular dental care is crucial to detect potential complications with dental fillings. The dentist can identify some problems even before a person may realize there may be an issue. Dentists can identify problems like open margins or uneven wear during an appointment. Dental visits are also important because they provide instruction in good oral hygiene to control bacterial plaque.

Fillings or restorations have a breaking point. Dental fillings will eventually fail and may need to be replaced. Regular visits to the dental office will help determine the right time to replace a filling. If a filling falls out unexpectedly, a patient may experience pain and discomfort. It may even need a visit to an emergency dentist.

Dental appointment

A person should not panic when a filling falls out. All dental offices set time aside for dental problems. Once at the dental office, a dental provider will review a patient’s medical history and inquire about the symptoms. An X-ray will then be taken.

The dentist will examine the tooth as well as the X-ray to determine the most ideal treatment. If restoring the tooth with another filling is possible, the dentist will talk to the patient about the available options for filling materials. There are many different options a person can choose from. The location of the tooth will be considered when determining the type of restoration that would be suitable.


A dental filling can fall out because of many reasons. But regardless of the reason, you should call your dentist immediately. Your dentist will recommend the ideal treatment option after a thorough examination of your tooth and a consultation. If you do not seek immediate care, you may end up experiencing pain and discomfort. You may also risk losing your tooth for good. To prevent many complications, you should commit to seeing your dentist regularly.

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