Can I Get Dentures Only For My Back Teeth?

Many people think of dentures as an entire row of replacement teeth that are for people missing the majority, if not all, of their teeth.

However, you can get dentures for only the back teeth in your mouth through the use of partial dentures. In many instances, there are other options for individuals who suffer from missing back teeth outside of partial dentures, including dental implants and dental bridges.

While determining the best options for you and your situation,  this can only happen by consulting with your dentist. Partial dentures are typically the best way to replace teeth that are missing in the back of the mouth. ]

Partial Dentures

A partial denture, which is a removable set of artificial teeth that look and function like your natural teeth, are a great way to get dentures for only the back teeth.

For many, partial dentures are the most convenient option to replace a section of missing teeth.

Who are partial dentures for?

Partial dentures are the perfect option for an individual who suffers from missing back teeth only and either cannot afford dental implants or dental bridges or is not eligible to receive dental implants or dental bridges.

In general, partial dentures are far less expensive than a bridge or implant, and is far less invasive and can accommodate any scenario of missing teeth, which makes it as the ultimate replacement option for only the back teeth.

Different types of partial dentures

There are several different types of partial dentures, including a metal removable partial denture, acrylic removable partial denture and a flexible partial denture.

The most common form of partial denture is a partial metal denture, which is generally the least expensive and lasts the longest. A partial acrylic denture, known as a flipper, is typically a short-term solution until the partial metal denture is ready. In rare cases, a flexible partial denture is provided where the missing teeth are unique.

Alternative Options

While partial dentures are typically more affordable and more versatile to treat a wide variety of circumstances, there are other options that should be considered before making the final decision on which replacement teeth procedure is best for you.

The two best options other than partial dentures for only back teeth are dental implants and dental bridges.

Dental Implants

A dental implant requires a surgical procedure and is relatively invasive, which means it is not typically recommended for those who are wary of going through surgery.

Also, dental implants generally cost far more than partial dentures for only back teeth, which means price may be another reason one chooses not to pursue this dental procedure.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge consists of attaching a set of teeth to fill a missing gap by placing what is known as a crown onto natural teeth surrounding the area where teeth are missing.

While dental bridges are far less invasive and more cost-efficient than a dental implant, they require real teeth to surround the area where teeth are missing, which means they do not work for individuals who are missing an entire section of teeth that do not have neighboring teeth on each side of the ones that are missing.

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