Benefits Of A Dental Sealant

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A dental sealant can help to protect teeth that are vulnerable to tooth decay. Good oral hygiene is the foundation for good oral health, but some teeth are easier to clean than others. This especially true for the teeth at the back of the mouth, called molars and premolars. Their location at the back of the mouth makes it more challenging to remove plaque and bacteria from their surfaces. That is where a dental sealant comes in.

A dental sealant is a clear or tooth-colored coating that is painted on a tooth's surface. The sealant gets into the grooves of the tooth and solidifies. It prevents bacteria and plaque from getting into these areas, causing tooth decay.

How dental sealant is used to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth feasting on sugars in food particles left in the mouth after meals. When the bacteria have had their fill, they excrete acids that break down enamel. The damage starts as tiny holes that form on a tooth's surface, and these will expand when left untreated.

A cavity will eventually open up the pulp chamber to bacteria and acids in the mouth. The pulp chamber contains a tooth's nerve and blood vessels. The area is sealed off from bacteria and irritants in the mouth, but it can be opened up by decay.

When that occurs, acids and food particles making contact with these soft tissues lead to excruciating toothaches, and they can become infected by bacteria. An infected tooth will need a root canal performed on it to stop the infection and save the tooth. A root canal involves removing the soft tissues in the pulp chamber, disinfecting the area and sealing the tooth back up. If the infection is at risk of spreading to other areas, the dentist might opt to extract the tooth instead.

How sealants help

Sealants are great for protecting the molars and premolars of children who have not already developed good brushing habits. The material is also used to protect the teeth of adults who have been vulnerable to tooth decay in the past.

Dentists can identify teeth that are prone to decay during a visual examination, and they often recommend sealants for such teeth. Sealants drastically reduce the risk of tooth decay when combined with good oral hygiene.

The process of getting implants applied to teeth looks like this:

  • The tooth is cleaned by the dentist and dried
  • An acidic solution known as an etching solution is used to roughen the tooth's surface. This allows the sealant to bond better with the tooth
  • The tooth is rinsed and dried after being prepared for the sealant
  • The sealant is painted on the grooves and surfaces of the patient's teeth
  • The sealant is hardened with a curing light

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